Tata Motors hikes Nano price by 3-4 per cent

Tata Motors Ltd today announced an increase in the price of the Nano by 3-4 per cent for those customers who had continued to retain their bookings.

The allottee-customers, still awaiting delivery, will get their cars at the same price as announced at launch on 23 March 2009.

Tata Motors said that with its 250,000-unit-a-year Sanand plant becoming operational ahead of schedule, the company would speedily ramp up production of the Tata Nano. Accordingly, the company has begun intimating retainee-customers that their cars are coming up for delivery.

The intimation to the retainee-customers is the final step, before it opens up sales of the Nano, the company said in a release.

"Despite a steep increase in input prices, their Tata Nano's are being priced only 3-4 per cent higher, depending on the model, than the price announced at launch," Tata Motors said in its statement today.

The terms and conditions of booking had provided that the applicable price of the car for a retainee-customer would be notified at the time of delivery, Tata Motors said. Also, as announced at the booking, they have received interest on their deposit, it added.