Tata Motors testing hydrogen-powered buses, light trucks

Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc (TMETC), a 100 per cent subsidiary of Tata Motors, has developed a range of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles and is currently undertaking trial runs of these buses and light trucks.

Tata Motors recently show-cased an electric Indica model and announced plans for a hybrid Nano.

"We are looking to run a fleet of fuel cell vehicles to gain experience of how they actually work in operation. That will be a stage prior to considering production," said John Richmond, group chief engineer, Tata Motors Europe.

Auto firms and governments across the world are increasingly going for the use and development of vehicles that emit less pollution and are investing heavily in eco-friendly technology.

The hydrogen-based fuel cell emits only water vapour, which is considered to be a very eco-friendly technology.

Tata Motors is working on alternate fuel technologies, including bio-diesel, ethanol, hybrid, electricity and fuel cells.