Nano gets a permanent address in Pantnagar

Tata Motors will distribute its 'common man's car' through its new subsidiary, Tata Motors Distribution. All Nano cars will be distributed from Pantnagar which which will also become a permanent home for the Nano.

According to the company, it will continue to roll out the Nano from Pantnagar even after the commencement of production at the Sanand plant in Gujarat, which is presently under construction.

The company was allotted more than 1,000 acres of land at Pantnagar by the state government to set up the facility. The company has now agreed to distribute all Nano cars from Pantnagar through its new subsidiary Tata Motors Distribution Co Ltd.

The state government hopes to collect additional tax revenue to the tune of Rs100-200 crore through VAT collections on the sale of Nano cars and other commercial vehicles.

Last year the state government allotted 45 acres for expansion of the industrial unit for the production of Nano cars and another 20 acres for the distribution company.

Meanwhile Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata Group, will hand over the keys of the 'common man's car' to the first customer at the Tata Motors showroom in Prabhadevi, Mumbai today.

The identity of the lucky owner is being withheld, but it is said that the person has availed a loan to buy the small car. According to analysts, the function could well mark a defining moment in the annals of the Indian auto industry.

With the first Tata Nano rolling out on the Indian roads to, it could also mark the end of a period of anticipation as the common man gets behind the wheel to experience first hand, the thrill and pride of owning a car that could well become a trend setter across the industry, in the not-too-distant future.