Sun to expand its Bangalore facility.

IT-major Sun Microsystems Inc, USA, is in the process of expanding its Java Software Division (JSD) at Bangalore. The Java programme inventor has its global engineering facilities in three places viz. USA, Ireland and in Bangalore.

According to Mr. Dale Ferrario, director, additional hands will be hired for the Bangalore facility as it has couple of Java projects on hand. This will enable the division to provide 24/7 support to its clients.

Commenting on his company’s invention, Mr. Ferrario said, that the Java platform has now matured to facilitate rapid development of applications without compromising on features. This enables e-business application development to keep up with rapid pace in highly competitive markets.

In addition java software has great potential as an embedded programme in small electronic devices like cell phones, pagers, smart cards etc.

The US company''s JSD also has an agreement with the Chennai based SIP Technologies & Exports, to provide e-business migration to medium and larger enterprise and next generation of Data com systems and application