Sony India launches new hi-fi TV with FM

Mumbai: Sony India has introduced the Super Sound WEGA — a revolutionary new Hi-Fi TV with a powerful separate sound system and a host of new features. The 21" HFV100 boasts an incredibly powerful separate Magnum Speaker Box System, a rocking Party Mode and a jazzy new FM Radio Function. The set is priced at Rs 19,990.

The 21" Super Sound WEGA comes complete with a unique separate speaker system. With its 10,000cc speaker volume and advanced hybrid woofer and tweeter system, Sony''s magnum speaker box combines detail, clarity and realism with stylish design. The Super Sound WEGA minimises sound distortion and increases the power of the bass and enables music aficionados listen to radio stations with better sound clarity with the WEGA''s new FM feature.

The WEGA's party mode features karaoke and presentation functions allowing viewers to pic up the mic, pick a favorite song on TV or an alternate source and sing along. The set can be connected to a Sony Handycam or Cybershot with the facility of adding narration or background music. The WEGA also comes packed with programme sorting, WEGA theatre mode, intelligent picture and intelligent signal booster technologies.