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Skoda Auto may bring to market a 1.6-litre Octavia variantnews
25 October 2007

Mumbai: Skoda Auto India is reportedly mulling introducing a 1.6-litre variant in the Octavia range.

The present Octavia range has a 1.9-litre diesel and 1.8-litre turbo petrol variant.

However, the company says that through it is looking at various updates on the Octavia, those range from style to powertrain, and is for the present, refraining to endorse or deny any comments or speculation since it is yet to finalise its plans for the car.

Market sources indicate that in all likelihood, a key reason for a possible 1.6-litre Octavia is the launch of the Laura Ambiente, a new variant in the Laura range, which is now available at Rs12.90 lakh (ex-showroom, Thane), dangerously close to the Octavia''s price points of Rs11.61 lakh and Rs14.73 lakh (ex-showroom, Thane).

The Laura has features superior to those in the Octavia, and comes with a more contemporary design, and at the Rs12.90 lakh price point, a great value for money proposition as well, which experts believe will most definitely eat into Octavia''s market share.

Company sources, however, say that the Octavia has its own distinct identity, and would continue to see good numbers due to its brand image built over the last six years.

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Skoda Auto may bring to market a 1.6-litre Octavia variant