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BP chooses sapient to develop global internet platform news
Our Corporate Bureau
08 December 2004

Mumbai: Sapient (NASDAQ: SAPE), a business consulting and technology services firm, today announced it is helping BP, one of the world''s largest energy businesses, develop a Global internet platform to extend and improve BP''s brand online. The platform is designed to help BP

deliver a more coherent online presence while dramatically reducing the cost of managing the many web sites the company has gained via acquisitions. Previously, more than 200 of BP''s web sites used different standards and technologies, which resulted in an inconsistent user experience, dilution of such brands as BP and Castrol, and high operating costs.

To solve this challenge, Sapient researched how BP''s stakeholders, which represent a diverse population ranging from investors to commercial and retail customers, students, and government organisations, use and perceive BP''s web sites. Additionally, Sapient reviewed over 230 public-facing BP web sites around the world to determine the usability, design and technology requirements.

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BP chooses sapient to develop global internet platform