Sanofi to eliminate 900 R&D jobs in France

Sanofi yesterday said that it will eliminate around 900 jobs in France by 2015, as part of its plan to restructure its research operations.

The French drugmaker, the world's fourth-largest by prescription sales, said that the job cuts in its research activities are necessary to ensure the group's sustainability.

Sanofi plans to achieve the cuts through "early retirements, mobility proposals and repositioning in France."

As part of it R&D restructuring, Sanofi said that sites activities in France would evolve over the next three years to strengthen its scientific, academic and private

The development activities in Vitry/Alfortville, Chilly-Mazarin/Longjumeau and Lyon would continue in their current status, while the Montpellier site would progressively evolve toward a strategic centre focused on development.

Research activities would be increased at Vitry/Alfortville and Chilly-Mazarin/Longjumeau and the Strasbourg site would maintain its momentum of a collaborative platform open to academic research and biotechs.

Sanofi will create a global centre of excellence in infectious diseases in Lyon and improve the economic performance of Sanofi Pasteur's industrial units to ensure their
ability to compete in increasingly competitive vaccine markets.

Sanofi added that no relocation of sites or any change to the number of industrial sites is planned in France and is yet to decide the function of its Toulouse site.