Samsung to add 600 retail counters in India in Q1 '05

Mumbai: The Korean electronics giant, Samsung Electronics, has announced ambitious plans to set up 600 technology retail counters by the first quarter of 2005, as part of its retail initiative in India. The retail strategy will have three key ingredients — tabletop displays, shop-in-shop and digital brand shops.

"Our vision for the 21st century is to lead the digital convergence revolution," says K S Kim, president and CEO of Samsung South West Asia region.

Announcing Samsung's vision for its IT business for 2005, during the launch of a new range of products, he added, " We aim to accelerate this transition through innovative digital products, thereby creating an aspirational digital lifestyle for the average Indian consumer."

As part of its strategy, the company will establish 600 technology retail counters along with its partners focusing on the new digital products, launched yesterday. These include the thin mobile computing device, X-30 Note PC, SyncMaster 730MP, 17-inch TFT-LCD TV Monitor that comes with the `wise-link'' technology for connecting it to various digital gadgets and SCX 4100, the `world''s smallest'' digital multi-function device.

The company also announced new digital audio players, and a new range of personal laser printer platforms and multi-function laser printers. Samsung India has a presence in telecom, consumer electronics and home appliances products.