Sony not to restart manufacturing in India

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony does not plan to resume manufacturing in India and would rather continue to import its products from Thailand, Japan, China, Malaysia and Taiwan, a company official said today.

"At present, Sony India has no plan to set up a manufacturing base in the country as the economics do not work out," senior general manager (sales) Sunil Nayyar told reporters in Kolkata.

He said it was cheaper for the company to import products from other countries rather than manufacturing them in India.

He added there was also the issue of sourced components quality in India which were yet to meet the standards required by Sony.

Sony said it was expecting sales worth Rs340 crore between August and November this year - a 48 per cent increase in sales over the corresponding period last year - from the eastern India markets.

According to a company release, Sony would  invest around Rs20 crore towards above-the-line and below-the-line marketing activities in the region.