Sony expects TV shipments to rise by over 70 per cent

TV shipments at Sony Corp are expected to rise by over 70 per cent in the next 12 months, the company said. This is partly due to the upcoming 3D models say Sony executives.

Meanwhile, competitor Panasonic is planning to introduce 3D TVs at Best Buy this week, which will retail at $2,500 apiece about half the price they're available for in Japan.

TV makers are looking to new 3D models to drive sales with at least one company hoping to return to profitability on the back of 3D technology.

Sony expects its TV operations to be in the red for the sixth successive year for the fiscal ending 31 March, according to The Wall Street Journal. The company has set a target of 15 million units for this fiscal year, but according to Yoshihisa Ishida, senior vice president of home entertainment at Sony, the company could hit its ambitious target of 25 million units sold and be profitable next fiscal year.

"2010 is really a year when we think we can attack," the Journal quoted Ishida as saying.

Sony aims to sell around 2.5 million 3D TVs over the next 12 months with the first 46-inch model to start selling in June in Japan. The company has not yet announced when the product will start selling in the US.