Skoda reveals its meaner side for Fabia vRS

Skoda just got meaner! An advertisement for its new model, Fabia vRS shows the automobile maker turning on its darker side, with meaner crew, snakes, barbed wire and a hard rock version of My Favourite Things.

A completely opposite trick to its ''Cake'' campaign launched in 2007 wherein bakers are shown making a sponge cake car with a tagline of ''Made of lovely stuff'', the aim was to connect with younger audiences. 

''This is one of our biggest campaigns ever in the UK, and designed to engage our brand with new audiences,'' said Heidi Cartledge, Skoda UK national communications manager.

The new commercial begins with the Cake ad playing on a TV, which is switched off by the meaner crew member, and progresses to show the assembly of the new model.

Meaner crew also featuring a patchy-eyed guy, vultures, snake venom, terminator-like robotic moves, laser vision, entwined snakes for the engine make up this sequel, with a tagline of ''Made of meaner stuff.''

Created by ad agency Fallon, which also created the earlier feel good commercial, the ''dark twist'' is explained by Chris Bovill, Fallon creative director as ''We always said we'd never make a sequel to ''Cake'' but when the vRS brief came along we thought we'd make an ''opposite''. ''Cake'' made our mums smile, this should make them want to hide behind a cushion.''