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Galaxy 8 battery won't explode even if pierced, hammered

17 April 2017

After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, there has been some reservation about whether the Galaxy 8 was safe enough. According to Slashgear, Samsung has spared no effort and expense in ensuring that the Galaxy 8 battery would not go up in flames like the Galaxy Note 7 battery did.

However, an uploaded clip on YouTubers named ''What's Inside'' shows the Galaxy S8 and its battery being sliced through  with a power tool. The battery only smoked and bloated and a bit of lithium-ion oozed out, without any fire.

According to Slashgear, Samsung might be on the cusp of a new phase in battery technology development. The Galaxy S8 is powered by the same lithium-ion type of battery that powered any other smartphone.

However, Samsung has been able to use some proprietary technology, to ensure the battery does not explode under even destructive situations like stabbing or cutting it with a sharp object.

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