Samsung TVs roil users by inserting ads into movies

Ads in regular TV programming are part of the show but when users' smart TVs start inserting ads automatically into users' videos, it may not be acceptable, reported.

A number of Samsung smart TV owners have complained that they were forced to watch such ads on their videos.

According to a Reddit user's post, a muted Pepsi ad started playing while he was watching shows and movies on his Samsung TV. Though the actual files were stored locally on the user's Plex media server, the ads were not seen on other platforms, such as tablets or smartphones, accessing the same server.

A post on the Plex forums pointed out that the solution was to click "disagree with the Yahoo Privacy Notice," an option which can be accessed deep inside Samsung's Smart Hub options.

According to a Plex spokesperson who spoke to GigaOm, the company had nothing to do with this, which meant the TV's software was behind the mess up.

Meanwhile, on Monday some Australian owners of Samsung's smart TVs pointed out that their cable TV service Foxtel programming had been stuffed with Pepsi ads.