Samsung, Google to join hands to roll out Google TVs

The world's top TV maker, Samsung Electronics, is in last-stage talks with Google over rolling out its Google TVs, according to the head of Samsung's TV division.

Google TV, which comes bundled in with certain Sony Corp television models and on Logitech International set-top boxes, lets consumers access online videos and websites on their TVs, besides specialised apps such as video games.

The company, in January displayed a new Google TV-enabled Blu-ray player and companion box at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), however, the company had not commercialised the product.

According to Yoon Boo-keun, president of Samsung's TV division, the company planned to unveil its Google TV at an event next year but he did not elaborate on the schedule, saying that the firm working with Google on the rollout.

He added the Google service would differ from those of competitors.

In October, the internet company came out with a revamped version of Google TV service, in a bid to make inroads into the living room even as consumers seemed hardly enthused in their reaction to its initial offering.

According to Yoon Samsung plans to unveil TVs featuring next-generation OLED displays during the upcoming CES scheduled to be held in January in Las Vegas.