Samsung brings down prices of its LCD televisions and refrigerators

New Delhi: White goods company Samsung India has reduced the prices of its liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions and refrigerators, passing on the benefits of the cut in excise duty as announced by the government last Sunday.

According to a company statement, the price of the 52-inch LCD television model will now be lower by around Rs10,000, while the revised range of prices for its LCD TVs will be Rs59,000 to Rs129,000. Samsung has four series of LCD televisions available in India.

The company has also announced a price reduction of an average two per cent on its direct-cool and frost-free refrigerators that reduces the prices by Rs50 to Rs250 for consumers. Prices of its semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines have also been reduced by around about 1.5 per cent, resulting in prices lower by Rs70 to Rs400.

Last Sunday, the government announced a fiscal stimulus package where it announced a four per cent reduction in the excise duties.