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Samsung launches India's fastest DVD Writer news
07 May 2008

New Delhi: Global technology leader Samsung India has announced the launch of the fastest DVD writer, the new Super-WriteMaster SH-S223 in the Indian market.

The SH-S223 drive provides blazing recording speeds across a gamut of different data media types including,  22X DVD±R recording, 12X DVD-RAM recording, 16X DVD+R dual layer recording, 12X DVD-R dual layer recording, 8X DVD+RW recording and 6X DVD-RW recording.

The drive enables consumers to burn 4.7GB of data on a DVD±R disc in approximately 4 minutes and 26 seconds, 6 per cent faster compared to a 20X DVD writer. It also takes less than 12 minutes to burn 4.7GB in DVD-RAM format, which is a 30 per cent increase in speed over a 20X DVD drive.

Samsung's new SH-S223 drive supports SATA interface, the dominant interface for PCs.

Sanjay Sharma , vice president, IT sales at Samsung India said,''The SH-S223 drive offers a powerful over-speed performance feature that enables consumers to burn data at high speeds -- even on low speed media. We are the first and the only Company to make this product available in the Indian market.'' With over-speed recording, users can write at 22X speeds on 16X media and 12X speeds on 8X media. As lower speed media is more cost-effective, users can save money while burning discs at faster speeds.

The SH-S223 includes free software, enabling users to easily create music, video, photo and data discs. The drive also includes Samsung's live firmware update program that enables users to download new firmware upgrades for free and keep their drives updated.

As with Samsung's complete WriteMaster optical disc drive lineup, the SH-S223 features specific technology that ensures best-of-breed performance including SAT[1] (Speed Adjustment Technology), TAC[2](Tilt Actuator Compensation) and Double OPC[3] (Optimum Power Control). Buffer Under Run Free Technology[4] supports stable writing under high speed, and Magic Speed[5] and ABS (Automatic Ball Balancing System)[6] technologies reduce vibration and noise.

The SH-S223 is also eco-friendly designed and is RoHS compliant. It is priced at Rs1,700.

The technologies used:

[1] SAT (speed adjustment technology): Automatically detects the media condition and adjusts to the most optimized speed in order to prevent the disc breakage or read and write error, and also reduces the noise according to the bad quality of the disc.

[2] TAC (tilt actuator compensation): For reliable writing in all areas of the disc, the objective lens makes a tilt to compensate if the disc is in a twisted condition.

[3] Double OPC (optimum power control): Optimises the laser power checking the writing performance both in the inner and outer side of the media for the most reliable writing performance.

[4] Buffer Under Run Free Technology : Prevents Buffer Under Run error, enabling high-speed .

[5] Magic Speed : Enables flexibility of drive operation ; low noise mode and high-speed mode

[6] Automatic Ball Balancing System: Mechanically designed to reduce the vibration and noise occurring at high speed performance

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Samsung launches India's fastest DVD Writer