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Reva to make hydrogen fuel cars news
Our Corporate Bureau
14 January 2005
Baangalore: Reva Electric Car Company and Hydrogenics Corp, a Canadian firm plan to make hydrogen fuel cell cars.

It will be "for a future pilot project by the Indian Oil Corporation," a release said. Reva will use its electric vehicle technology to develop hydrogen fuel cell cars with fuel cell stacks to be supplied by Hydrogenics.

In the first phase, two fuel cell hydrogen-powered cars will be developed, after which a fleet of 10-20 fuel cell hydrogen-powered cars will be produced, the release said.

"The cars are part of a pilot project that will be launched by IOC to promote eco-tourism in India," said Sudarshan Maini, chairman of RECC. "The cars will be used for the hydrogen clean technology project in New Delhi and at Taj Mahal in Agra."

The hydrogen needed to fuel these fuel cell vehicles can be produced by means that lower India''s reliance on fossil fuels and increase energy security.

Reva unveiled its first fuel cell prototype last year. In the new fuel cell-powered hydrogen vehicle, the fuel cell system uses a ''proton exchange membrane''.

PEM converts hydrogen fuel and oxygen (from air) in an electrochemical reaction to generate approximately 5,000 watts of unregulated direct current electricity, with heat and water as by-products, the release said.

Reva Electric Car Company, based in Bangalore, was incorporated in 1994 as a JV between the Maini Group, India, and AEV LLC, California, United States, to manufacture environment-friendly and cost-effective electric vehicles.

The company makes an electric car, which it sells under the brand name Reva in India and G-Wiz in the UK and Malta. Reva is also being test-marketed in the US, Japan, Sri Lanka, Cyprus and Norway.

The company''s plant in Bangalore, with 180 workers, can turn out 6,000 units a year. Reva NXG, a concept car from the company was displayed at the 21st International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in Monaco in April.

The company collaborated with automobile designer Dilip Chhabria and Simputer-developer Encore Software for the car.

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Reva to make hydrogen fuel cars