Reliance Life Sciences to hold global symposium on molecular diagnostics

Navi Mumbai: Reliance Life Sciences will hold an international symposium on preventive and predictive molecular diagnostics, on January 21 and 22, 2006. The Symposium at Dhirubhai Ambani Life Sciences Centre (DALC), Navi Mumbai.

The symposium will focus on approaches in patient management strategies using preventive and predictive biomarkers, both in the international and Indian context. It will address the areas of preventive and predictive diagnostics in cancer, infectious diseases, and inherited genetic and molecular abnormalities.

The symposium will be preceded by a five-day workshop on various aspects of molecular and genetic diagnostics, clinical analysis and implications. The workshop is intended to provide hands-on training on DNA / RNA extractions from clinical samples, PCR, RT-PCR and real time PCR assays for qualitative and quantitative analysis, direct PCR product sequencing for virus genotyping, SSP-based HLA typing, nucleotide sequencing to detect mutations, bacteria, virus and human genome, to 20 select participants.

The workshop will also have demonstration and practical sessions on human karyotyping and FISH-based assays.

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