Jio starts trials of its upcoming 1Gbps gigabit broadband service: report

Reliance Jio has reportedly started the pilot process for its direct-to-home broadband services, in Mumbai. Jio's upcoming 1Gbps gigabit broadband service would allow 100GB FUPs at 100 Mbps.

Reports say, the company is testing these services in Pune as well, and has already wired some colonies and buildings in Mumbai getting them set to receive Jio broadband connections.

In fact, some reports cite instances of a few who are already receiving Jio's services. The company is reported to have started approaching residents for broadband connections only about a month ago.

''Much like Jio's services on mobile phones, the company seems to be offering a 'Welcome Offer' first. Our team member has a 100 Mbps connection, which is free, with an FUP of 100GB per month, for the next three months.

''Gamers take note, he's getting ping times of 1ms right now, which is much faster than any other ISP in India right now. Of course, it is no surprise, given the network is only under a pilot test run right now. As with its 4G services, things will be clearer once the services are truly commercial,'' says one report.

At present, reports say, the company charges customers Rs4,000 as security deposit for the router. The amount will be adjusted towards whichever plan the subscriber choses, once the service become commercial. In the meanwhile, there will not be any daily FUP limit for the user.

There have been reports about Reliance Jio's broadband services on a website called However, a source in the company said the plans reported by the website were not accurate.

The same plans have also been reported by Deccan Chronicle. Website Phoneradar, had earlier reported similar plans for Relaince Jio's upcoming Gigafibre broadband services.

The company's broadband services aren't currently listed on its website either. This could mean that Reliance Jio hasn't yet worked out the plans it will offer end users, the report points out.