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Rasna storms the cola market with Rasna Vanilla Cola Colanews
Our Corporate Bureau
29 June 2004

Mumbai: After the enormous success of the delicious Rasna flavours, Rasna Pvt. Ltd now adds an all-new flavour to its stable - Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola. The exciting new cola drink with a hint of Vanilla is Rasna''s special treat for kids this season. Available at 50 paise per glass only, the delicious Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola is a non-carbonated, cola flavored soft drink concentrate with a taste of Vanilla in an unsweetened powder format. A healthy drink for kids without any caffeine and phosphorous content in it, Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola is sure to be a definite favorite with kids and their mothers this season.

The most appropriate drink for kids, Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola has all the fun of colas and all the taste of yummy Vanilla ice creams that kids will just love. The new flavour from Rasna will save mothers some health concerns too over their kids having aerated drinks or when they have ice creams.

Presenting the new flavor of Rasna Cola Cola to the consumer. Piruz Khambatta, chairman and managing director - Rasna Pvt Ltd. said, "Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola has been introduced after the tremendous response we got for Rasna Cola Cola. It is a product especially for kids. With Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola we will expand our hold in the cola market and aim to consolidate our position as market leader across various markets."

The launch of Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola will be backed by an aggressive growth strategy under which Rasna will aim to tap an even larger share of the immensely competitive cola market. Rasna has also introduced a new pack for Rasna Cola Cola, ''10 ka 12'' that makes 12 glasses of delicious Rasna Cola Cola for the price of 10.

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Rasna storms the cola market with Rasna Vanilla Cola Cola