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Whytehall Whisky launched with a new blend and look in Andhra news
Our Corporate Bureau
28 December 2005
Hyderabad: Whytehall whisky has now been launched in the Andhra Pradesh market in a new package, by way of repositioning it for the semi-premium whisky segment.

After acquiring the entire stake of Bacardi International in Whytehall India, Radico Khaitan now owns the Whytehall whisky brand. The brand has now been launched with a new blend and look. The company says it plans to aggressively promote the brand and increase its market share.

According to the company, the new blend, packaging and positioning has been backed by research in the semi-premium whisky segment. The new packaging, with an elegant bottle and a mono-carton, along with the positioning slogan of "Always Perfect" has been aimed at reassuring consumer tastes.

Speaking on the re-launch of Whytehall whisky, Raju Vaziraney, president sales and marketing, Radico Khaitan said, "We are looking at capturing market share in the semi-premium segment with the launch of Whytehall whisky in a new blend and new look. It has been after a thorough understanding of the market that we have taken the Andhra Pradesh market as the test market for the new packaging and positioning"

Priced at Rs276.50 for a 750-ml bottle, Whytehall whisky will also be available in 375-ml and 180-ml sizes.

Radico Khaitan has three millionaire club brands, including 8.00 PM whisky, Contessa rum and the latest entrant, Old Admiral brandy. Sales of 8 PM whisky touched the one million case mark in the first year of its launch. Contessa rum is one of the largest selling brands among defence forces, while Old Admiral brandy, the company says, has grown by over 100 per cent over the year.

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Whytehall Whisky launched with a new blend and look in Andhra