Electric car maker Reva to unveil new models at Frankfurt in September

Banglaore-based electric carmaker Reva is launching two new indigenous vehicles to target a larger customer base, a four-seater, two-door hatchback and a sport two-seater, according to deputy chairman and chief technology officer Chetan Kumaar Maini.

Reva's NXR and NXG versions of electric cars will,later this month be on display at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany where Maini is expected to reveal the prices of the cars.

Maini says the cars are meant for two different sets of consumers with the NXR being the perfect second car – automatic, easy to drive and park and the NXG being a lifestyle fun car. The NXR will also offer optional solar panels on top, he said.

Reva NXR is a four-seat, two-door hatchback family car suitable for urban driving that can be booked and ordered from the show onwards, with production scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2010. The car will run on a lithium ion battery and will have a top speed of 104 kmph and a range of 160 kms on a full charge.  In India the NXR will be available as a lead acid battery variant giving a range of 80 km per charge and top speed of 80 kmph.

By next year, Reva plans to launch the NXR in around 24 countries across Europe and Asia. The NXR which is set to go into production in the first quarter of 2010. The car charges through a home outlet.
''The Reva NXR and Reva NXG will redefine the Indian consumer car market,'' said Chetan Maini, deputy chairman & chief technology officer, Reva Electric Car Company. ''The unveiling of NXR and NXG at the Frankfurt Show is a tremendous step forward in what is sure to be a fascinating journey for EV users across the globe - Affordable and stylish electric vehicles will finally be available to consumer.''

The Reva NXG or next generation is a sporty two-seater slated for production 2011. It can reach a  top speed of 130 kph and cover 200 km per charge. Acclaimed car designer Dilip Chabria has played a role in styling the car's new sportier look.