RIL tells Delhi HC says AAP running vilification campaign against it

Reliance Industries Ltd has refuted allegations made by Aam Aadmi Party leader Prashant Bhushan against the company which, it says, are false and baseless and are intended to cater to the interests of vested interests in proceedings filed in the Delhi High Court in November 2012.

Reliance has cautioned the media against ''regurgitating'' the false and defamatory allegations of money laundering by Reliance Industries, which, according to the company, has caused unacceptable controversy and disrepute and injury to its reputation among millions of stakeholders in the world.

According to Reliance, investments made by Singapore-based Biometrix in Indian companies were from loans raised from Singapore branch of ICICI Bank. These are being shared in line with the highest standards of disclosures, it added.

Reliance said the disbursement notices issued by Singapore branch of ICICI Bank to Biometrix cover disbursement of the entire amount invested by Biometrix in Indian entities and that it has appropriately responded to the allegations and has placed on record the disbursement notices of ICICI Bank.

Investments made by Biometrix into Indian entities have been scrutinised and investigated by regulatory authorities. ''We have participa

ted and fully co-operated in the investigation and the regulatory authorities have been apprised of the true and correct facts,'' RIL said in a release.

The company has flayed ''mechanical replay of allegation and insinuation via Youtube and/or e-papers'' as these have a global imprint.

''Carrying such defamatory content, with or without carrying a few lines of our version, is unacceptable.''

''Reporting Mr Bhushan's selective leaks of old information already residing in judicial proceedings is misleading global public at large and defaming and maligning our corporate reputation,'' RIL said.

''Sections of the media are requested to recognise the global implication of their output and not fall for Mr Bhushan's machinations which are purely for his collateral and political gains,'' it added.