RIL successfully tests peak output from K-G block

Reliance Industries Ltd whose Krishna-Godavari basin block has made it the country's biggest natural gas producer said on Monday that it has successfully tested the design capacity of its Andhra offshore field's production facilities.

"A flow rate of 80 mcmd (million cubic metres per day), which is the peak production envisaged from the fields, was achieved through the facilities and delivered to the pipeline," a company release said on Monday.

The Mukesh Ambani company is at present producing about 60 mcmd gas from two of the 18 gas discoveries in the D6 block, and has put deep-sea production facilities in place to produce 80 mcmd.

Some 80 million units of gas was delivered to the Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Ltd, the owner of the East-West pipeline that transports gas from Kakinada on the Andhra coast to Bharuch in Gujarat.

"At present, Reliance Industries Ltd is producing about 60 mcmd of gas which is being supplied to several priority sectors identified by the government under its gas utilisation policy," it said.

Since it started producing gas in April, the field has produced over 8.5 billion cubic metres of gas, "contributing significantly to the country's critical industrial sectors", the statement said.

RIL brags that it started gas production in six and a half years from discovery, in comparison to the world average of 9-10 years for similar deepwater production facilities. Continuous gas production for about 9 months, with 100 per cent uptime, "again demonstrates its flawless commissioning and execution capabilities", it said.

RIL is India's largest private sector company on all major parameters, with a turnover of Rs1,46,328 crore, cash profit of Rs22,365 crore, net profit (excluding exceptional income) of Rs15,637 crore and net worth of Rs126,373 crore as of 31 March 2009.