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PSI''s Intelligent In-Feeder to help ensure huge cost savings news
Our Corporate Bureau
03 June 2003
Mississauga: PSI (, the experts in document and order-fulfilment solutions, has developed yet another feeder system to intelligently dispense materials. Designed to handle large volumes of catalogues of different sizes, the feeder can also handle products such as brochures, paper, small cards and even CDs.

Known for its outstanding durability and high capacity, the In-Feeder accurately feeds various pieces of material into each tote or carton as they pass on the conveyor, either by barcode scanning or PSI software. This compact piece of machinery can feed invoices, coupons, catalogues, cards and brochures for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, printing, food and others.

A distinctive characteristic of the In-Feeder is its double friction-feeding feature, which delivers highly accurate results, free of human error. Automation of a traditionally manual task results in huge cost savings and employee time freed for more critical jobs.

The In-Feeder can be used as a standalone unit or as part of an automated conveyor system. The system is provided with a PLC interface to automatically control the insertion of materials. An attractive feature is that the In-Feeder can easily be integrated into existing systems or even redesigned to meet special requirements. Whatever product you are feeding, PSI can provide an automated feeding solution for the application.

The In-Feeder is flexible with adjustable height mounting for conveyor systems. The load capacity is up to 15.5 inches high and equipped with a red signal light indicating out of paper condition, to ensure minimum time wastage. The system also comes equipped with a large information display and a numeric keypad to easily control feed requirements.

PSI continues to provide practical and efficient documentation solutions using the most modern technology.


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PSI''s Intelligent In-Feeder to help ensure huge cost savings