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Pepsi to cash in on cricket mania news
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12 September 2006
The pesticide controversy is over a month old, and Pepsi is now ready for a battle on a different pitch, reports CNBC-TV18.

With the Champions Trophy and World Cup just round the corner, Pepsi is all set to kick off its new advertising campaigns, and a slew of other marketing initiatives.

After Pepsico's chairman, Rajiv Bakshi, came out in the open and spoke to consumers on why their dil should maange more, the cola giant is hoping to put the pesticola controversy behind and cash in on the cricket fever.

Hoping to score with cricket fans this campaign will hit screens on Tuesday. But that's not all; coming soon is a series of campaigns featuring the 'men in blue.'

Pepsi has planned a series of campaigns and web marketing initiatives. It is set to come out with a 'Blue Billion' campaign, which is one of the biggest campaigns of Pepsi. It has also planned new product packaging.

For now Pepsi is aggressive on building a 'blue billion' community to cheer the Indian team for the up coming Champion's Trohy. It also hopes increased advertising spends will result in a bigger thirst.

Coca-cola on the other hand has decided to hold the launch of its new campaign to battle the pesiticide controversy. Sources say that coke will follow the Pepsi stratgy and use the company's president, Atul Singh, to drive home their message, but there is nothing official about it yet.

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Pepsi to cash in on cricket mania