Panasonic unveils prototype Lumix DSLR lens for 3D image capture

Panasonic yesterday unveiled a prototype lens for its Lumix DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras that would capture 3D still images.

The lens actually has two small lenses mounted side by side, which transmit light to the camera's image sensor.

The image from each lens would be from slightly different perspectives, that will allow resulting images to exhibit the illusion of depth and present a three dimensional perception of the image.

The lens would be compatible with Lumix cameras that use the "G Micro System" mount and would be available by the end of 2010. The company did not offer any more details about pricing of the lens or its regional regional availability.

Several rival camera makers have already launched their first 3D photography systems notably FujiFilm which has a camera with dual lenses and dual image sensors, which uses a single lens and image sensor.

However, the photographer has to swing the camera in an arc to capture a 3D panorama.

According to Panasonic, its lens would offer several advantages including easier 3D photography, and distortion free images even of objects in motion.

The 3D images produced by the camera can be viewed on a 3D television.