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Hrithik Roshan promotes Parle's Bourbon news
03 October 2009

After promoting Hide & Seek with his smooth dancing moves, Hrithik Roshan is now doing a jig in a television commercial to promote Bourbon from Parle Products Pvt Ltd.

Parle has expanded its product offering with Hide & Seek Bourbon biscuits. Hide & Seek Bourbon has competition from Britannia's Bourbon biscuits.

In the ad for Hide & Seek Bourbon, there is not much copy but just one line at the end by Hrithik telling consumers to 'try it'.

The idea is that people should be the judge of the product, rather than someone else telling them to like it. Since the product is a premium one, Hrithik was chosen as brand ambassador.

The ad was created by Vipin Dhyani, founder and creative director, Thoughtshop. He explains that the brief was to show a connect between the product and celebrity's individualities.

The challenge was to create a campaign of just 15 seconds, which was attention grabbing and justified the use of the celebrity.

Shalin Desai, senior product manager, Parle Products said that consumers associate Hide & Seek with chocolate-based biscuits. Hence, the new product has been created under the Hide & Seek umbrella to give consumers biscuits with more quantity of rich chocolate cream in their Bourbon biscuits.

Hrithik was chosen to endorse the brand since consumers have high recall value of him as Hide & Seek's ambassador.

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Hrithik Roshan promotes Parle's Bourbon