OVL, IPR Mediterranean strike oil in Syrian block

ONGC Videsh Ltd and its partner IPR Mediterranean Exploration Ltd have made significant new oilfield discoveries in Block-24 located in the northeastern part of Syria, the company said in a statement on Friday.

The first discovery, Rashid-1, was drilled up to 1,739 metres in Judea/Rutba formations of Cretaceous age. The well tested oil with a rate of 1,343 barrels per day (bpd), the company said. 
The second discovery well, Abu Khashab-1, penetrated Jeribe Formation of Miocene age at 950 metre and tested oil with a rate 900 bpd.

The third well, Abu Khashab-2, was drilled to deeper horizons Dibbane and Chilou, and both formations were found oil bearing. 
The Chilou Formation of Oligocene age was tested first and flowed oil at the rate of 1,507 bpd. The younger Dibbane Formation of Miocene age was tested in two intervals.

The Upper Dibbane interval tested oil at the rate of 1,353 bpd. The Jeribe Formation was also tested and produced oil at the rate of 1,410 bpd. 

The two discoveries are expected to hold about 185 million barrels of oil in place.

The company has submitted a plan of development for both Rashid and Abu Khashab fields.
The block area is about 1,927 sq km and exploration work is still continuing in the block.