ONGC to drill for thermal energy in Cambay

State-run oil and gas explorer Oil and Natural Gas Cprporation (ONGC) will soon be drilling in Cambay – not for oil or gas, but for hot water. To be more precise, ONGC will be looking to tap geothermal energy and not hot water as such.

ONGC will use the heat to produce steam that in turn would drive turbines that generate electricity.

The state-run oil explorer is close to finalising sites in Cambay for putting up a 5-10 MW power plant on a pilot basis.

Geothermal power plants are usually located at shallow seas or not-so-deep places in the sea. It is, however, yet not known whether such shallow hot spots exist along its shores.

However, ONGC is planning to tap geothermal energy at great depths where the earth's heat is available to be tapped.

ONGC, in its perspective plan, has proposed to secure 30 per cent of its revenues from non-exploration and production activities by the year 2030.