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Nokia offers its E-series at various price points news
24 September 2007

Nokia seems to be significantly looking at a share of the mobile computing market, given its launch of several mobile devices in its E-series range, across various price points.

These devices from Nokia include several laptop and desk phone applications, including internet telephony, voice mail, email, calendars, access to office Intranet, and the ability to use WiFi within the office for PABX facilities such as call transfer and conference calls.

According to Antti Vasara, senior vice-president, mobile devices unit, enterprise solutions, Nokia, "This can be your desktop. Your desk phone can be on this phone," speaking at the launch of the latest E-series device — the E51.

Priced at €350, exclusive of taxes or subsidies, the E51 would hit the Indian market early in the October-December quarter.

Nokia is looking at partnering with enterprise service divisions of telecom companies and IT channel partners, so that the E-series devices can be marketed to corporate entities as a telecom/IT solution. According to Vasara, almost half of Nokia''s E-series sales come through such tie-ups, with the other half accruing from retail sales. The April-June quarter saw Nokia sell about 2 million E-series devices.

In the US and European markets, E-series sales are driven more by operators, whereas the Asia-Pacific countries see sales driven by retailers and distributors.

According to Vasara, India is among the top 10 nations using high-end mobile phones, with numbers of users in the segment growing very fast.

In the UK, Nokia has partnered with BT for an enterprise solution called "corporate fusion". According to Rakesh Mahajan, director of mobility, BT Global Services, about 65 per cent of BT''s customers of the corporate fusion solution have said that they have seen increased productivity.

According to Mary T. McDowell, executive vice-president, enterprise solutions, Nokia has recently tied up with a telecom operator, which is yet to be announced. The E51 would soon be available in India, at a price tag of about €350 (Rs18,500 approximately).

Vasara speculates that the benefits of business mobility are yet to be tapped, estimating that by 2009, there would be 880 million mobile workers globally.

He further estimates that by 2010, 80 per cent of key business processes would involve exchange of real-time information, which would need mobility and connectivity.

According to Vasara, in times when personal and professional lives are getting increasingly intertwined, business users need a single device that they can count on to work productively, which ensures a level of efficiency that brings more freedom and balance to their personal lives.

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Nokia offers its E-series at various price points