Nissan opens bookings for new 'urban crossover' redi-Go

Bookings for Nissan's new low-cost Datsun offering, the "urban-crossover" redi-Go have been opened in India at a down payment of Rs5, 000. Online retailer Snapdeal has started accepting the bookings and promises the delivery of the model by the end of June.

Datsun has also confirmed the price range of the model and said that the redi-Go would see a price tag in the range of Rs2.5 to 3.5 lakh. The redi-Go, which is expected to go on sales in the domestic market in early June, made its global debut on 14 April. The company will commence the delivery of the new model in June.

The redi-Go, the third offering of Datsun in India after the Go hatchback and Go+ MPV, is based on the same Common Module Family (CMF-A) platform as that of the Renault Kwid.

According to the retailer website, the redi-Go will be available in five exterior shades - Silver, Ruby Red, White, Grey and Lime Green. The site also indicates that the bookings amount is non-refundable.

To be powered by an 800cc three-cylinder petrol engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission, the new Datsun offering weighs just 660kg and is shorter than the Kwid. It comes with a ground clearance of 185mm and is expected to pack similar features of the Kwid. The redi-Go is also expected to get automated manual transmission after the launch.

Reports say the redi-Go has received nearly 150 bookings in four days in Mumbai alone even before the demo cars of the model hit the showrooms.