Nissan to offer Leaf with 250-mile range

Nissan will offer a choice of its electric vehicle Leaf with different batteries increasing the electric car's range up to the 250-mile mark.

The best-selling electric car in the UK, Nissan's Leaf would have an enhanced range from 2016, with the company offering a 30kw battery in addition to the current 24kw unit.

With the extra battery capacity, the car would make around 150-160 miles per full charge, up from the 80-100 miles expected out of existing Leaf cars. That was not all, however, as an all-new Leaf, due to be unveiled in 2017, would offer a variety of battery options beyond 30kw, with top-of-the-range models offering a range of around 250 miles.

According to a Nissan insider who spoke to, the plan was to have a range of Leaf vehicles with different battery outputs, meaning different range, performance levels and prices. ''Expect the next generation Leaf to mirror any other car with a wide range of engine options, but ours will all be electric powered,'' he added.

The 30kw version of the Leaf would likely debut  at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, before going on sale alongside the 24kw version early next year.

Meanwhile, Nissan CEO and chairman Carlos Ghosn made several statements at Nissan's annual meeting the other day, about a long-range electric car.

Ghosn, who had two cars on stage with him, said, the ''Advanced R&D'' Nissan Leaf, and a white Nissan Leaf fitted with ''the latest versions of [autonomous driving] hardware and software that Nissan is developing.''

''The vehicle that stands to my right is another advanced technology breakthrough. It explores how far we can extend electric vehicle range by making changes to the battery…. Nissan is exploring new materials and chemistry solutions in order to make thinner, lighter weight and less costly batteries.''

''We foresee the day when you leave your home with a full charge, and are able to go about your day with no concerns…then return home with ample charge.''

 ''Later this year, you will hear more about our initial steps to increase EV range.''

A coming electric vehicle (whether it is an updated Nissan Leaf or a new vehicle) would offer ''comparative mobility to today's conventional vehicles'' and ''peace of mind'' with regards to range.

According to commentators, Nissan seemed to be rushing this project forward, as Ghosn said, ''But we will not wait for … completion [of advanced battery research] to move forward.''