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Nissan unveils concept carsnews
04 August 2007

Mumbai: Nissan Motor Company has announced a new concept car packed with technologies that would deter driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving under the influence of one alcoholic drink too many could then be ticked off from their car itself.

The system works on a highly sensitive odour sensor inside the gear stick knob which detects alcohol in the perspiration on a driver`s palm the vehicle is immobilised and a voice warns against drunk driving along with a message on the navigation system monitor.

Odour sensors are also incorporated into the driver and passenger seats and if alcohol is detected in the air inside the cabin a warning is given. A camera also detects drowsiness and issues alerts as well as tugging the seatbelt.

Nissan is also testing a new on-board breathalyser that will prevent inebriated motorists from starting up their cars as part of industry wide research into ways to reduce drunk driving.

Rivals Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company are also researching anti-drunk driving systems, according to analysts.

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Nissan unveils concept cars