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Network Programs India unveils trade management systemnews
Our Convergence Bureau
29 October 2003

New Delhi: Network Programs India Ltd, a SEI-CMM Level 5 company with operations in Japan, the US, Australia and India, has announced the launch of MercaLink Enterprise, an intelligent trade management system, which has been developed in association with MercaLink Ltd, UK.

The system is already fully operational with chemical, honey and lentil traders in London and is now available to Indian general trading companies of all sizes and will benefit them irrespective of the market they are active in. The worldwide opportunity for this market is estimated to be around $6 billion.

Says Guy Setton, CEO, MercaLink: "E-commerce sought to diminish the role of traditional traders, which is not feasible from the point of view of companies that do not want to interact with the suppliers directly. This is truer when either the suppliers are from politically unstable countries or when a commodity is subject to heavy price variations and the buyer wants it on a stable rate throughout the year. MercaLink strengthens and streamlines the trader's processes so that he is able to do more volume of business with improved efficiency and enhanced control over the operations."

MercaLink Enterprise is delivered in a simple, user-friendly package adaptable to any market, any product, and any trading style. Through this system the traders are empowered with tools to attain higher levels of control, effectiveness, and profitability. Additionally, the process by which traders buy, sell, and analyse market developments is largely facilitated.

By improving traders' performance, increasing managerial oversight of operations, and boosting customer service and loyalty, the system sets a new standard for commerce. It not only assists the trader, it also increases management oversight, while not interfering in the traders' work.

Said Guy Setton, CEO, MercaLink: "MercaLink Enterprise will introduce a higher degree of efficacy in the trading operations as it has been designed to comprehensively address the needs of medium to large trading houses in a cost effective manner."

Network Programs was engaged by MercaLink to develop the MercaLink Enterprise. The project involved 250 man-months and was developed using n-tier Java Technology including Apache and J2EE. It is compatible with multiple platforms and databases, and runs on popular operating systems like MS Windows and Linux.

Said Matan Arazi, CTO, MercaLink: "Outsourcing the development of MercaLink Enterprise to Network Programs has proved to be very productive due to their professionalism, responsiveness and commitment to quality."

Network Programs has also been retained as customisation and support partner for the MercaLink Enterprise so as to bring an added advantage and cost efficiency to MercaLink's customers worldwide. "We have also entered marketing partnerships in both the UK and France, with more deals to be announced soon," says Setton.

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Network Programs India unveils trade management system