NEG Micon India to export wind turbines, commission new facility

Chennai: The city-based wind turbine company NEG Micon India will start exporting 950 KW wind turbines to its group companies located in Europe and other places. The company will soon commission its new Rs 20-crore facility built in the city. Formerly known as Asian Wind Turbine, NEG Micon India is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEG Micon A/S, Denmark.

Says Ramesh Kymal, managing director, “At the group level it has been decided to source wind turbines up to capacities of 1 MW from India. We plan to export around 300 machines next calendar year.” Supporting this will be the new facility that can produce 600 units per annum on a single-shift basis. However, the company imports components like gearboxes and brake systems.

In the domestic market, the company will be installing around 105 MW (Rs 4 crore/MW) this calendar year and has a target of 130 MW for the next year. According to Kymal, the order book position is 115 MW, which will take care of next year’s operations. The company sells its machines with a 10-year maintenance contract. Though the revenue from this stream is less now as most of the machines are under warranty period, in course of time the income is expected to go up.

Given the upward trend in power tariff in all the states, corporates are now buying wind turbines mainly for captive use. Some years ago companies used to buy windmills mainly for the depreciation benefits.

In line with the global trend, Indian corporates are going in for higher capacity machines — 600KW upwards- due to their efficiency. The high masts and long blades cut the wind far better to generate more power. Further, this reduces "reactive power" — the machines drawing power from the grid.

However, it will take a long time for companies who have bought 250 KW machines to upgrade to higher capacity machines.