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NDTV officially launches news channels in English and Hindi news
Our Convergence Bureau
11 April 2003

Mumbai: New Delhi Television (NDTV) president and broadcasting icon Dr Prannoy Roy officially launched NDTV''s two new channels at a multi-city press conference. Journalists in 14 different cities posed questions simultaneously to Dr Roy as he revealed the look and style of NDTV 24X7, a 24-hour English news channel, and NDTV India, a round-the-clock Hindi news channel.

Accompanied by Narayan Rao, director NDTV, Roy explained that the new NDTV channels make one over-riding promise to Indian viewers: "Experience. Truth First. This positioning is based on NDTV''s continued commitment to accuracy, honesty, and speed. For 15 years, we have put the truth above everything else. We don''t just bring you the news first, we bring you the truth first."

Another unbeatable advantage in NDTV''s favour is its impressive collection of the best reporters in the country. "For both NDTV 24X7 and NDTV India, we have anchors who are not just news readers. We have experienced journalists who have reported on the biggest news stories in the last decade," he said.

NDTV 24X7 has an all-star line-up that includes Prannoy Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Sonia Singh, Arnab Goswami, Srinivasan Jain, Jennifer Arul, Monideepa Banerjie and Nidhi Razdan. NDTV India is home to the country''s best-known Hindi anchors including Dibang, Nidhi Kulapti, Abhigyan Prakash, Punya Prasun Bajpai, Sikta Deo, Nagma, Rupali, Pankaj Pachauri and Abhisaar.

The look of the new channels has been painstakingly created to match international production values. At the press conference, Roy showed video clips of the logo and packaging of NDTV 24X7 and NDTV India.

The graphic style of both new channels was crafted by Los Angeles-based TAG Creative Brand Solutions, home to the world''s best graphic stylists. And in a huge coup for NDTV, music guru A R Rahman took time out from his packed schedule to compose pulsating music for NDTV India. The theme for NDTV 24X7 has been composed by David Lowe, known for his work with BBC World.

NDTV has decided to pull out the stops when it comes to technology as well. For the first time ever, an Indian news organisation will have its own helicopter. NDTV''s Bell Jetranger 206 will be parked in Delhi, and will be sent on assignment with reporters to different parts of the country.

Through an exclusive arrangement with Deccan Aviation, NDTV will also have access to nine other helicopters and two planes in different cities. "Our helicopter is our eye in the sky," said Roy. "For breaking news, emergencies, or in case of huge traffic jams or rallies, we want to be able to bring you the latest information as quickly as possible."

NDTV has also introduced yet another first: opt-out technology. Rarely used even abroad, this highly advanced technology allows viewers in one city to watch a local programme while the rest of the country watches the national news schedule. NDTV 24X7 and NDTV India will use this opt-out technology to broadcast local programmes to major metros. For example, Mumbai will have its own Marathi programme every evening.

Mumbai, in fact, has been transformed into a national news hub by NDTV. Some of the organisation''s most senior correspondents have been shifted to Mumbai. Among them include Srinivasan Jain and Abhigyan Prakash, business editor Shivnath Thukral and entertainment anchor Sonali Verma.

Several news bulletins on both news channels will be anchored simultaneously from Mumbai and Delhi. Both channels will have at least one complete national news bulletin that is anchored and produced in Mumbai. NDTV has a total of 17 bureaux with complete uplinking facilities across the country.

NDTV''s new channels will be available through Sony-Discovery''s One Alliance, a combination of prestigious and highly-watched channels. So far, the Sony alliance had six channels in its bouquet: Sony Entertainment Television, SET MAX, AXN, Discovery, HBO and Animal Planet. With the two new NDTV channels, the bouquet becomes a package that cable operators and viewers simply cannot do without. NDTV''s channels are slated to be the first-ever news channels with the same reach and distribution as entertainment channels.

And advertisers are already lining up around the block. Rajnath Kamath, head of sales, NDTV Media, says his team has already sold advertising worth Rs 10 crore. "It''s proof of the unmatchable brand equity of NDTV. Advertisers have such faith in NDTV and its quality that they want to be associated with it from Day One."

Programmes on the new channels will include established hits like We the People and The Big Fight with a series of exciting new shows on entertainment, business and current affairs. "What will make our programmes stand out is the fact that we will have more live reports than any other channel. It''s all about taking our viewers to the scene of the action as quickly as possible," says Kamath. Eighteen state-of-the-art OB vans have been custom-designed for these live reports.

NDTV 24X7 and NDTV India will be available across the country from 14 April 2003.

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NDTV officially launches news channels in English and Hindi