Nokia unveils next-gen fibre access solutions

Nokia has unveiled a new set of next-generation fibre access solutions. The networking equipment maker's addition of next-generation 10Gbps passive optical network (PON) and point-to-point (P2P) fibre to its mobile transport solution gives operators the capacity and flexibility needed to support network densification in the 5G era, Nokia said.

Nokia's mobile transport solution enables operators to leverage existing passive optical networks used in fibre-to-home (FTTH) deployments and gain the capacity and coverage 5G technologies require.

''The biggest opportunity on the horizon for fixed networks is the arrival of 5G. It's clear that 5G will require very high capacity and low delay, but what is less certain is just how much capacity will be required for backhaul and what latency will be sufficient,'' Federico Guillen, president of Nokia Fixed Networks said.

''Our solution allows operators to access existing PON networks that have virtually unlimited capacity to meet their needs today, with the added flexibility to add 10G PON evolutions gradually as demand for more bandwidth and services increases. The massive throughput and cell densification strategy of 5G make it a perfect match for existing FTTH deployments,'' he added.