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Nokia on comeback trail in US with 4G LTE version of Lumia news
13 December 2011

Nokia is silently working its way back into the US market courtesy the big two carriers in the US.

The Finnish handset vendor, is testing a 4G LTE version of its Lumia 800 smartphone, CNET reported. This is  despite the Windows Phone operating system powering the Lumia not yet officially, having support for LTE.

The lack of LTE support is a critical issue with the US carriers, with their increasing focusing on 4G devices and services. Consequently, anyone supporting Windows Phone, including Nokia, runs into approval hurdle. However, with its 4G LTE version of the Lumia 800, Nokia is seeking to get the ball rolling on carrier approval, according to several CNET quoted sources familiar with the situation.

It said carriers tested many devices, including some they had no plans to take to market, and Nokia's aggressive marketing moves with major carriers augured well for its prospects in the US.

Making a comeback into the US market forms an important component of Nokia's comeback plans, and the former handset powerhouse has already lined up a press conference with T-Mobile USA tomorrow. The announcement at the event is likely to pertain to the Lumia 710, the more budget-friendly, and lower-end, of its two offerings.

According to analysts, although a deal with T-Mobile marked a step in the right direction, Nokia would need to get the support of the big two carriers to have a real chance of succeeding in the US market.

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Nokia on comeback trail in US with 4G LTE version of Lumia