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Nokia unveils next generation mobile phone home controllers news
04 December 2008

Nokia is now expanding the role of the mobile phone beyond an ordinary mobile communications devise. It has introduced a smart home platform, the Nokia Home Control Centre, which will in the future link directly to users' homes and control heating, home security cameras and ventilation systems.

The system, which is expected to be in the market by the end of 2009, was showcased at Nokia World in Barcelona, Spain this week and all home services may soon be controlled remotely from a mobile phone.

The Finnish mobile giant has in partnership European Energy Company, RWE has announced plans where users will be able to control their electricity usage, switch devices on and off, and monitor cameras and the temperature of their homes using a smartphone or through a remote PC.

The platform is open allowing third parties to integrate their own smart home solutions and services; its core consumer value is the plug and play experience across all solution areas with high security levels built in.

All solutions based on the platform can be used through a smart phone or PC locally or remotely.

Consumers can monitor and control their electricity usage, switch devices on and off, and monitor different objects, such as temperature, camera, and motion. In future, entire systems within the home can be connected to the Nokia platform, including security, heating, and ventilation systems.

"We see there is growth potential in the smart home market", said Teppo Paavola, vice president, head, corporate business development, Nokia. "The home of today has intelligence everywhere, but to date there has not been a solution that is interoperable with wide range of home systems that can easily be controlled. We want to create an open solution where external partners can develop their own solutions and services on top of our platform. We believe that the mobile device is an ideal interface to control home intelligence, especially when the user is not at home."

Nokia has also announced a partnership with one of Europe's biggest energy companies, RWE, aimed at developing a comprehensive solution for managing energy consumption and CO2 at home. This cooperation combines RWE's energy capabilities with Nokia's technological know-how.

With this in mind, the first joint solution from Nokia and RWE on late 2009 will focus on home heating management. The product consists of a central control unit together with remote-controlled thermostats for the actual radiator.

The user interface will be the PC and the mobile phone. In addition, a separate display will be available. RWE is also planning special offers combining these devices with new energy supply contracts.

Nokia and RWE also plan additional services in connection with smart meters beyond 2009. These services will provide consumers with real-time information about their energy consumption and allow them to control their energy bill remotely.

"We are delighted to have secured a world-leading technology partner in Nokia for our range of smart home energy products. Our aim is to offer innovative and affordable energy-efficient solutions for every household that are simple and convenient to operate", said Carolin Reichert, Head of New Business at RWE.

Further, Nokia has started working with a number of companies to define and create a solid basis for building the next generation of products that will introduce a new kind of mobile access to intelligent systems at the home.

These collaboration partners include Danfoss, Delta Dore, Ensto, and Meishar Immediate Community (MIC) and Zensys. The Nokia smart home partner program is structured around five key areas which mobile access will open up, creating new opportunities for the next generation smart home. These are security, energy efficiency, wellness, construction, real estate, and smart home solutions.

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Nokia unveils next generation mobile phone home controllers