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Nokia, WWF unite for tiger conservation in India news
29 July 2008

Mumbai: The world's leading mobile handset maker Nokia, in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-India, plans to promote tiger conservation in India, the company announced today.

As part of the association, Nokia and WWF-India, would focus on providing education to villagers to increase their awareness  on tiger conservation as well as look for alternative livelihood programmes for the villagers around  tiger reserves, with special focus on  Ranthambore National Park, a Nokia official stated.

Speaking about the 'Tiger Wall of Hope', that has been made out of original pugmarks embedded in Plaster of Paris encased in acrylic, Ravi Singh, secretary general and CEO, WWF-India noted, ''These pugmarks are a grim reminder of the critical numbers of tigers left in our wild."

He further added, that the tiger population in India  has seen an alarming decrease with their habitats shrinking and several threats, including poaching taking a toll on their survival. The joint initiative programme, in bringing corporate institutional support for conservation at this critical time will immensely benifit tiger conservation.

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Nokia, WWF unite for tiger conservation in India