Monsanto, Sumitomo Chemical and Valent extend crop protection collaboration

US biotechnology major Monsanto Company on Monday announced an alliance with Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Valent USA Corporation, to extend their strategic partnership in Monsanto's `Roundup Ready Plus' crop management solutions platform for soybeans and cotton in the United States.

Under the collaboration, Monsanto said the crop management solutions platform would empower farmers to maximise the performance of its `Roundup Ready' crops by developing effective, economical and sustainable approaches to controlling tough-to-manage and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Valent herbicides will continue to be endorsed in `Roundup Ready Plus' as a result of this extended partnership.

''The extension of this collaboration ensures that we will continue to deliver choice and long-term value for farmers through `Roundup Ready Plus' by incorporating valuable weed management solutions provided in the portfolio of Valent products,'' Chris Reat, `Roundup Ready Plus' marketing manager at Monsanto said.

''By extending this strategic partnership with Valent, we are ensuring that soybean and cotton growers have the variety of effective options they need to proactively manage tough weeds and reduce the risk of developing weed resistance,'' he added.

''Valent and Monsanto have successfully partnered through Roundup Ready PLUS Crop Management to bring farmers the best-performing herbicide solutions to manage tough and resistant weeds,'' said Gary Schaefer, senior manager of the row crop herbicide business at Valent USA Corporation. ''We look forward to continuing this strong partnership with Monsanto and to bringing new weed management solutions to farmers through the Roundup Ready PLUS platform.''

Monsanto produces seeds for fruits, vegetables and key crops - such as corn, soybeans, and cotton - that give better harvests while using water and other important resources more efficiently.