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Midas C switch to switch LCO's into broadband players news
Venkatachari Jagannath
26 June 2006

Chennai: Indian telecom technology company Midas Communication Technologies Private Limited has come out with a new switch that enables faster deployment of cable internet. Called Catius, the new solution is targetted at the local cable operators (LCO) segment.

Says head cable wireless division R Balajee, "Many LCOs have actually wired up category 5 (CAT-5) cable networks and created broadband access in big metros. Their solution is cost effective but not reliable. They also cannot bundle video on demand services."

According to him the Catius solution has a gateway server, cable modulator, video on demand server and 11 C-switches. The C-switches have been designed for deployment on overhead CAT-5 cable. The downstream is sent on coaxial cable. LCO's who have deployed CAT-5 cable in large numbers can make use of this solution and create their own intra-net.

"The video on demand server can provide 15 simultaneous sessions and can also stream two satellite channels. It comes with a variety of features that enable LCO's to deploy the network and provide Internet, video, satellite channels to accelerate their revenue."

The CAT 5 network is similar to coaxial cable network. However in CAT 5 network, Ethernet switches are used instead of amplifiers, which is used in the coaxial cable network.

"The advantage of Ethernet switch is that it is digital and hence we have greater control over the network. With a proper switch and deployment architecture net connectivity could be assured even if he back bone cable gets cut," assures Balajee.

The other advantage of CAT 5 network is that it can carry power and hence switches can be remotely powered and easy to repair in case of cable cuts.

In order to answer the issue of bandwidth restrictions Balajee says that the architecture of the C-switch is such that it could carry upto 300 Mbps in a limp shared by 36 subscribers translating into 8 Mbps per subscriber. "With 5 Mbps one can provide good internet protocol TV services."

Further the C-Switch filters all the broadcasts and removes major virus traffic from the network. According to Balajee, the solution can offer the three services to the rural populace at low cost. A 16 port switch costs around Rs6,000.

A national ISP is testing the solution in a Chennai locality.

About its applicability for the multi system operators (MSO) offering internet over cable Balajee says, "It has undergone extensive field trials with different MSO's and ISP's. It is awaiting large-scale deployment and roll-outs are targeted by second half of this financial year." The Midas Communication launched this technology last October. The solution uses one-way Indian overhead coaxial cable for downstream and wireless upstream.

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Midas C switch to switch LCO's into broadband players