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Merck & Co develops new diabetes drugnews
14 June 2006

A one-year investigative study for Merck & Co's investigational drug Januvia for Type 2 diabetes, has demonstrated substantial glucose-lowering effect, with significant differences compared to glipizide (a sulfonylurea) in weight change and hypoglycemia.

Merck & Co., Inc said the reduction in A1C was identical between the two groups at 52 weeks; also, patients on Januvia once daily had significant weight loss (v / s. weight gain on glipizide) and a significantly lower incidence of hypoglycemia v / s. glipizide.

An oral presentation of results from a non-inferiority study at the American Diabetes Association''s 66th Annual Scientific Sessions on Wednesday showed that Januvia was non-inferior to glipizide in significantly reducing blood sugar (glucose) levels of patients who had inadequate control on metformin monotherapy.

The 52-week data presented included the primary time point analysis for this study, which continues for another year (through 104 weeks).

Januvia is a once-daily medicine that, if approved, could potentially enhance the body''s own ability to lower blood sugar (glucose) when it is elevated. "In the new data presented today, Januvia demonstrated substantial glucose-lowering effects at one year with a magnitude of A1C reduction that was non-inferior to that of glipizide. Additionally, Januvia demonstrated weight loss and fewer episodes of hypoglycemia v / s glipizide," said Peter Stein, MD, senior director, clinical research, Merck & Co., Inc. "These are important findings for a potential new treatment for type 2 diabetes," he added.

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Merck & Co develops new diabetes drug