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Mattel launches Gyro Jet news
Our Corporate Bureau
17 June 2003
New Delhi: Mattel Toys India has announced the launch of the latest toy from its Hot Wheels brand, Gyro Jet. The Gyro Jet is a unique toy that takes off like a helicopter and transforms into a hi-flying plane.

Gyro Jet is a propeller-driven toy that is launched with a pull-cable device. Kids can control the action; the faster and the more skilfully the cord is pulled, the higher and farther the Gyro Jet flies. Gyro Jets has been launched for the first time in India by Hot Wheels. This flyer is meant for children of five years of age and above.

Says Mattel Toys India vice-president (marketing) Nanette D'Sa: "Gyro Jet is a unique offering from Mattel's Hot Wheels brand of toys. Hot Wheels is leading the way with innovative vehicles, tracksets and playsets. The Gyro Jet has all Hot Wheels' characteristics of speed, power and performance with unrivalled attitude."

This unique toy from Mattel is available in all leading departmental stores and toy stores across India and is priced at Rs 499.

Mattel Toys India is a subsidiary of Mattel Inc, a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys. Mattel's portfolio in India besides Hot Wheels includes world-renowned toy brands like Barbie and Fisher-Price.

The company has a strong presence in the branded toys market and is committed to delivering superior quality and safe toy products with high play value. Today, Mattel is aggressively growing and increasing its presence in the country by introducing a wide range of international products.

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Mattel launches Gyro Jet