Marico Industries presents Kaya Skin Clinic, the best in skincare

Mumbai: The Kaya Skin Clinic at Juhu which offers advanced skincare services, was inaugurated recently by renowned model Mrs World 2000 Aditi Govitrikar and Harsh Mariwala, chairman and managing director, Marico Industries. At the launch, the unique product range of Kaya skin solutions was also unveiled. The launch marked the opening of the Kaya Skin Clinics at Bandra and Juhu, boroughs of Mumbai.

Kaya Skin Clinic is a new venture from the Marico Industries stable — makers of Parachute, Saffola and Revive. It presents a solution for all skincare needs through a series of unique and personalised treatments that visibly improve the way your skin looks, acts and feels. These advanced skincare services use US Food and Drug Administration-approved, best-in-class technology that are most suited for Indian skin (type IV and V). The skin treatments are offered by highly trained skin practitioners under the supervision of an in-clinic dermatologist in a professional, serene, Zen-like environment.

Each of the unisex procedures is a carefully balanced combination of science and aesthetics designed to substantially improve the skin's overall performance. The services that Kaya offers include laser hair removal, skin polishing and brightening, glycolic and salicilic peels, acne and acne scar reduction, photorejuvenation, microcurrent facial toning, deep wrinkle removal (Botox), fillers (Restylane) etc. Kaya Skin Clinic is the lunchtime, no downtime, hassle-free, friendly way to take care of your skin.

Dr Malavika Kohli, an eminent consulting dermatologist, is a member of the medical advisory board that is guiding this venture. Housed in the Zen-like environment of a spa, the unisex clinic's relaxing beige tones are designed under the artistic guidance of Archana Mariwala and Geeta Raheja to calm and soothe customers. The pampering at Kaya Skin Clinic starts from the moment you walk through the door and begin your journey of discovery. You are greeted by trained skin-practioners dressed in chic uniforms designed by Bhairavi Jaikishen. Sip a refreshing welcome Kaya drink concocted by noted foodie Karen Anand.

Says Harsh Mariwala: “The skin treatments offered are highly advanced. Safe cosmetic dermatology treatments that are customised for Indian skin are offered under the guidance of eminent dermatologists. Kaya Skin Clinic is Marico's unique offering for the Indian consumer to provide them with the skin they want.“