Maruti Suzuki declares lock-out at Manesar facility

Car market leader Maruti Suzuki today declared a lock-out at its Manesar facility after a violent mob of workers on Wednesday went berserk inside the plant, causing death of an HR executive and seriously injuring nearly 100 others, including managers and supervisors.

''The management's most important concern at this time is the safety and security of its supervisory and management personnel. The management firmly believes that unless the causes are identified and appropriate corrective action is in place it would be unsafe for supervisors and managers to resume work,'' the company said in a press release.

Maruti Suzuki's Manesar facility was rocked by labour violence on 18 July. Awanish Kumar Dev, a general manager, was burnt to death by a mob of workers inside the plant facilities. Nearly a hundred managers and supervisors had been hospitalised with serious and critical injuries. The mob also set fire to the office wing and the main gate of the factory.

According to the Maruti Suzuki management, it would be unwise to ask workers to report back to duty after the incidents of violence and arson at the Manesar as it would endanger their lives.

The company said its main concern now is the safety and security of the personnel at the Manesar facility. The company also wants to ensure that the injured continue to receive quality medical care and recover from the mental trauma caused by the violence, the release said.

Maruti Suzuki said while about 30 managers and executives were in the hospitals in Gurgaon, many among those discharged from hospital are also going through trauma owing to the terror and abuse accompanying the attacks.

The company's other facilities, including the operations in Gurgaon, will continue to function normally, the release added.