Mahindra & Mahindra launches 15 HP compact tractor

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (M&M) today rolled out the country's first 15 HP tractor, the Yuvraj 215, in Pune today, which, the company said, is ideally suited for the small farmer.

Priced at Rs1, 81,000, Yuvraj 215 is a compact, versatile, fuel-efficient and easy to operate 15 HP tractor and is ideal for a farmer with small landholdings who seeks to increase productivity at an affordable cost, the company said.

"With the launch of Yuvraj tractor in Maharashtra, we expect to see a change in the dynamics of the agriculture community.

Yuvraj enables the small farmer to own a tractor and benefit from mechanisation, thus helping him boost his productivity," M&M general manager special projects (farm equipment sector) Sudhir Shah said in a statement.

"The tractor has been well received in Gujarat and we are sure we will get the same response from farmers in Maharashtra," he said.

Yuvraj 215 gives a top speed of 25.6 kmph and haulage capacity of 1.5 tonnes The tractor is being manufactured at the company's Rajkot facility with a production capacity of 16,000 tractors per annum.

"The Yuvraj is a key part of M&M's vision to go beyond retailing tractors and focus on creation of farm tech prosperity," M&M senior vice president for marketing and applitrac (farm equipment sector) Sanjeev Goyle said.

Yuvraj aims at ensuring comfort for the operator as it boasts of first water cooled single cylinder engine in this segment