Mahindra Renault launches the Logan Edge

Makers of the mid range sedan, Logam, Mahindra Renault Pvt. Ltd has launched the Logan Edge, which was unveiled in New Delhi by the brand ambassador Kunal Kapoor

''The new Logan Edge is based on extensive customer feedback and is part of our endeavour to offer our consumers the best," said said Nalin Mehta, chief operating officer, Mahindra Renault Pvt Ltd. "An arresting combination of sleek good looks and innovative features, the Logan Edge fulfils the aspirations of auto enthusiasts across the country. A unique combination of luxury, style and fuel efficiency, the Logan Edge will be a stylish addition to any garage.''

The Logan Edge is available in mystique purple, a sophisticated shade, adorned with stylish body graphics that add a touch of refinement.

It also features beige leather seat covers, a wood-finish centre console and a high-end Kenwood music system with remote control and USB / iPod connectivity. The Logan Edge is also equipped with 'intelligent features' such as reverse parking sensors and a sensitive and safe anti-lock braking system with electronic brake distribution system.
The Logan Edge is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, which will help drivers maintain steering control even if if the brake is applied on a slippery surface. The Logan Edge comes in a special colour – Mystique Purple, and is adorned with stylish body graphics, giving this sedan a feel of refinement and exclusivity. So be ready to make heads turn, while you drive through town in the Logan Edge.

The chrome muffler cutter fights crude atmospheric conditions and elements.

The advanced parking sensor feature helps the driver maintain a safe distance between the car and other obstacles in its direction of motion. This sophisticated system incorporates an alarm which beeps when the sensor anticipates hurdles while reversing the car.

The interiors of the Logan Edge sport plush beige leather upholstery and rich touches of a wood finish centre console. It comes equipped with a nomad arm rest in the rear to enable those wish to work comfortably while being driven.

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